rejuvenate the body. relax the mind.


a full holistic experience




Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing system that combines gentle pressure along the body’s energy lines and assisted yoga stretches to increase flexibility, relieve muscle and joint tension and rebalance the body’s energy systems.  

This massage is performed on the floor on a traditional mat while the client is dressed in comfortable, loose fitting clothing. No oils are required for the treatments, however I have a range of traditional balms which penetrate heat into the muscles for areas with particular pain or for added relaxation.





I offer a number of general thai massage treatments, all of which can additionally be brought to a close with a gentle guided meditation for further mental rest & relaxation purposes.

30 min  // £30

massage with meditation // 45 min // £35

Head, neck and shoulder massage OR for particular pain in one area


60 min // £40

massage with meditation // 75 min // £45

Head, neck, shoulder and back massage with some assisted stretches


90 min // £50

massage with meditation // 105 min // £55

Full-body routine with all stretches for optimum health results


Alongside my Thai Yoga Massage qualifications, I have also studied my Level 2 in Counselling Skills, in order to provide a new, alternative type of therapy which supports individuals with their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing as a whole.


By combining massage methods with meditation and self-development strategies, and opening a space for clients to talk openly, without judgement and in complete confidentiality, I have devised a full holistic health experience for those looking for a more profound wellbeing check and wanting to achieve a deeper state of relaxation and emotional release.

90 min // £65

We begin the session with an informal ‘check-in’ with an optional herbal tea, here we assess your current state of wellbeing and space is held for you to talk about anything that may be present.

We continue to carry out a number of self-awareness exercises to help you explore and reflect, leading on to a gentle meditative massage that allows you to fully relax and positively release.



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