"Jasmine has been massaging me for about a year now. I usually have some form of treatment from her weekly or as required. Being non ambulant means I am stuck in a wheelchair all day. The majority of my muscles do not get used or using them overtires me. Also being non ambulant means that normal approaches for massage may not work. Jasmine manages to come up with unique and effective strategies to ensure my movement is maintained and my muscles are able to work at the maximum permitted level.

One of the bonuses of having Jas massage you, is you always feel your mental state is always enhanced as well. She is very relaxed and calming to be around and will spend the necessary amount of time talking to you and discussing other issues that you may have. She will always make time give approariate dieatary and lifestyle advice in a  friendly clear manner .
I highly recommend meeting and discussing your physical and emotional needs with her. She can offer insight and relaxation or therapy by way of using massage and other skills that she please. 

I have to say that Jasmine has definitely made a positive improvement in my life over the last year both physically and emotionally."



"The massage I have with Jasmine is well worth the money, it's helped me get rid of 90% of the pain I suffer from with arthritis and I genuinely look forward to seeing her every month. Absolutely wonderful, I recommend her to everyone."


Rebecca Anne Bacon


"I have been living in Asia for three years and I am lucky enough to have massage treatment at least once a fortnight here, it has become an integral part of my lifestyle. I seek massage for both mental relaxation and relief from physical tension, both of which, I feel Jasmine provided in my massage therapy when she visited Vietnam. She took time before, during and after the massage therapy to ensure I was relaxed both in my mind and body and this element of care is what I look for in a masseuse. Western lifestyles are not so forgiving on our minds and bodies, so if a recharge is in order, I highly recommend Jasmine!"



"Absolutely incredible massage by Jasmine! Definitely the best and most authentic Thai massage that I have ever had. I suffer badly from headaches and constantly have a stiff and heavy neck and shoulders and I haven't even had a slight headache since my massage with jasmine. It released so much tension and stiffness I genuinely felt lighter and so much better after the treatment. Can't wait until my next massage with Jasmine, honestly can't recommend her highly enough."