Bring it on.

Standing outside under the stars and watching a constant stream of lightening crash silently in the distance, lighting up the horizon in flashes while the air felt dense with mystery…we certainly weren’t complaining.

So we were called to be inside for a couple of days while the skies fell and made way for an abundance of sun and light for the rest of the week.

We listened. We tuned in. We retreated inside and took time to restore.

Taking it easy like these two do so well…


We’ve been in a constant flow of manifesting this week; conversations reverting back to the ‘ask and thou shall recieve’ on the regular.

Religion, different belief systems and even believing at all!

For those that do, vision boarding landed on the perfect day for it.

Sipping on cups of green tea infused with fresh ginger while the rain poured down outside, we took it easy and allowed our creative juices to flow.

Magazines piled up around us and the printer whirred.

Mellow beats accompanied a focused but fully chilled vibe as we pieced together our creations.


The key to today’s task was being specific with what we want. I’m personally travelling with about 5 vision boards packed into my suitcase from times I’ve made them in the past.

I’ve always liked the idea of flicking through pages and finding out what you’re drawn to there and then, cultivating your vision from that…


Well, this worked for when I was feeling lost - it allowed me to understand what I truly wanted and I’d go from there, but it seems I’ve come a long way and I’m so much more tuned in to what I want from life…

So today, we got specific.

Dreams and aspirations established, we flowed into a lazy late lunch and embraced some new faces.

Conversations. Reconnections.


Taking it easy indoors we also had time for some body work.

Candles lit, incense burning and Indian instrumentals flowing with the energy in the room, we began the Thai massage treatment with a mindfulness meditation and settled into our stillness.


A rhythmic touch took the tension away from tight muscles, allowing the energy to flow.

Rebalancing the bodies elements; earth, fire, water, wind - the true heart of ancient Thai medicine.

Aligning the body and mind, and softly nourishing the soul, we breathed, moved and connected through physical contact.

Harmonising without the need for speech is a passion of mine, and one I can practice throughout my work.

Truly wonderful.


Bike rides, cliffside sunsets and more silly stories wrapped up these ‘slow-down days’ just beautifully.

Restored, refreshed and reconnected, we were ready for some more sand between our toes.

Let it flow.

Jasmine x