I’m sat on my bed in my private room in the villa in Sardinia, midway through my retreat. Comfy in my full length pj’s (one attempt at keeping the mozzies away) and listening to the soft electronic beats of bonobo.

We went to the beach today - S'Anea Scoada.

The workout (although it had been a while, and the body certainly isn’t back up to scratch yet) was rejuvenating, the crystal clear ocean swim refreshing, the full leg suction from the octopus…not so much.

Fear stricken and slightly over dramatic, I screamed like a baby towards the shore and tried my best to put that panic attack back in the box.

The actual thought of it makes me want to vomit. So moving swiftly on… 


We talked deep on the beach today - during the workout, swimming in the sea and sat onshore drawing in the sand.

Opening our hearts and telling our stories, we realised the somewhat surprising similarities amongst such ‘different’ people. 

We are one.


We took a trek (casual stroll, but it was along a cliff so I thought I’d set the scene with a little more adventure) along the coastline late afternoon.

The sun slowly making it’s way towards the horizon as it held our silhouettes in our silly (but oh so ‘insta’) photoshoot, I watched the sea glisten like white noise on a broken tv and simply basked in this brand new company - recognising the natural flow of this retreat is to simply be. 

To be, and to connect. 

With new souls, our selves and Mother Earth herself. 


We ate well for breakfast; granola, yoghurt, fruit and coconut, sided with an awesome mix of potatoes, eggs and rocket as a sumptious and savory starter.

Once we’d returned from todays adventure we waited on a fish stew, brewing from the kitchen - my first…and best yet I must say! ;)

As we tore off bread to soak up the juices, clinked the vino rosso and had a slight choking scare on a finickity fish bone (all was well don’t worry) we talked fears, dreams and the desired life of dogs…

(Jack the jack russell here being the centre of attention and most conversations too!!)


A number of deep chats today and a particular focus on the past.

Eager to tune in to the cycles of nature, the seasons, my body and of course the moon, I have decided this evening to focus on the energy of the new moon in Libra and take the opportunity to release, close and heal what is needed.

This is the beginning of a whole new chapter for me so I’m aware that a lot may come through. (TBC on that one.)


As for tomorrow, I have followed my intuition as best I can and have prepared some particularly thought-provoking questions that hopefully get the team reflecting and making some useful realisations - if not, it’s a bit of fun and always good to dabble in some self-awareness. 

Since ‘The Secret’ has come through in a number of conversations this week, we wound up watching the documentary in the low lit living room and the making of vision boards has landed early.

Scissors and glue at the ready and a refreshing reminder to ask, believe and recieve.

We shall be exercising our gratitude and putting our orders in with the universe very soon I suspect.


Love and abundance, and an open heart for whatever tomorrow may bring.

Jasmine x