What an incredible end to the week.

Emotions were certainly high all round on departure day and I think I speak for everyone in saying we just didn’t want to leave….ever.

The last two days were stunning.


Barely a cloud in the sky and the most glorious heat hitting your face, the kind that puts you in that blissfully dozy state.

Just what we needed after our wet weather indoor days…

It was time to hit the beach without a doubt.


Bringing the morning round with fresh espresso’s we slowly woke and sat down to fuel up for the day.

Gorgeous spreads of wholesome nourishing foods filled the table; creamy chia porridge teamed with shredded coconut (NOT parmesan as a guilty member of the team mistook it for!!) goji berries, pistachios, nut butter, honey - all the healthy goodness you can think of that hits the tastebuds so well.

Soft scrambled eggs, fresh slices of tomato with drizzles of olive oil, basil and black pepper and homemade cheeses - flavours you won’t find anywhere else.


The food we make here is certainly made with love, and aims to nourish both the body AND the soul for sure!

Being surrounded by five local beaches made it easy to choose how to spend these sunshiny days; we beach hopped, enjoyed picnics and walked around the ancient roman ruins.

Sun, sand and a dose of history.


Each beach has a completely different character so there was always something new to observe.

Spiaggia di Is Arutas was an agreed favourite - The famous Quartz beach of Sardinia where the sand is made up of multi-coloured crystal and the sea looks more like a swimming pool it’s so clear.


Others had boardwalks and cliffs which made perfect settings for afternoon runs and meditating under beams of sunlight.

DF82BE02-2800-4176-A51D-D307CA248E5C 2.JPG

Slowing down to this peaceful pace of life is sometimes all the medicine one needs.

In contrast, some of us got energised by sweating hard joining forces on beach workouts which made the swims (and beers!) even more refreshing.


What’s nice here is there’s no rules, we flow together but ‘you do you’ is the formula we run with; no judgment, no pressure, just freedom.

As the last night drew to a close we gazed upon the roaring red sky while the BBQ started to smoke.


Candlelit jars illuminated the garden and crickets started to chirp as the moon made it’s way into view.

Fresh fish being grilled while the table was set up under the stars.

One final ‘cheers’ and we indulged in food and conversation for one last time as a group.


The energy amongst this villa is something that’s truly special.


Positivity, love and acceptance flow through the walls and I feel so blessed to be running my retreats alongside such wonderfully inspiring people.

Andrea & Raja who run this villa - Il Lentischio Del Sinis - have brought so much to the week, and the sentimental family vibe they so naturally create is something that’s genuinely hard to leave behind.

As we wrapped up the stay with some soul card spreads, discussing the lessons we’d learnt and sharing our personal journey’s, we realised just how much we’d taken from the week.


A prominent lesson that came through was trust - trusting ourselves, the decisions we make and the power we hold to be our own medicine, trusting others and allowing ourselves to open up, embracing vulnerability even if it’s a challenge, and trusting the process that the Universe had in store for our healing journey this week.

We had to surrender to the flow, the weather, the people, the souls that had landed here beside us for a reason, and take from it all the lessons that we must have been called here to learn.

A wonderful week and some big shifts made.

If you’re looking for a spiritual place that speaks to your heart and soul, this retreat is certainly for you.

Until next time.

Jasmine x