At Soulo our main belief is that being whole and healthy doesn’t have to come with restrictions. We don’t just nourish the body and mind, we take care of the soul too, knowing that often the best way to heal is through good company, great food and an open and honest atmosphere.

We keep things simple because the best things in life are.

In 2019 we aim to bring a number of likeminded souls together to journey through subjects of the same mind. It’s all too common that WE KEEP OUR STRUGGLES LOCKED IN AND OUR EMOTIONS HIDDEN AWAY OUT OF FEAR THAT WE’LL BE BURDENING OTHERS.

AT Soulo WE create a unique space that scraps the stigma and openly embraces the taboo’s of today’s society. WHETHER IT’S DEPRESSION, STRESS, OR SIMPLY TAKEN AS A PLACE TO EXPLORE MORE OF YOURSELF, COME ALONG AND BE YOU, DO YOU, FOR YOU.

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