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Hey I'm Jasmine,

and Soulo (pronounced 'solo' if you were wondering!) is my holistic health project.


I am running retreats to empower women to become their own medicine and take back control of their mental wellbeing through diet, movement and meditation - all holistic lifestyle methods that helped me transform my life from the depths of depression.

Since embarking on this venture, I have become qualified in Thai Yoga Massage Therapy with a Level 2 in Counselling skills, combining the two with my experience, knowledge and natural gifts to provide Holistic Lifestyle Coaching to women to improve their physical, mental & emotional wellbeing. 


The name?

'Soulo' represents your journey of looking after number one - nourishing your body, and nourishing your mind, in order to build the strong foundations you need to live your best life and go on to truly nourish your soul!

I wanted it to connect to the word 'solo' to prove to, and empower people that they single-handedly, hold the power to complete this transformation.

You are your own guru and all of the answers you need are within you.


ABIT About me

I'm a bit of a free-spirit, I love an adventure and I'm addicted to travelling, cooking is my meditation (and I have the appetite of a small bear) dancing is what sets my soul on fire,  I love to delve deep, I have an irrational fear of stickers and I'm absolutely terrified of frogs.

Is there even anything else you need to know..?!

My story

About 6 years ago I decided I'd had enough...

I'd had enough of allowing my life to be burdened with depression. It had been 8 long years.

It was a big fat label that lingered over my life and all of my memories within it.  However fun, however exciting, however crazy and incredible my life's been so far, the fact that each and every year was passing with a big black cloud above it was keeping me trapped in an existence that felt exhausting.

Then to cut the very long story short...one day I simply had one of those lightbulb moments...

I realised that I was the one giving my depression the power over my life...and from that day forward, I changed.

I made a choice, I took back my power, and became determined to become my own medicine.

It's not been a straight line.

There's been slip ups along the way. (oh boy has there been slip ups!)

But by making that commitment to myself, investing in my wellbeing and working on 'project me' each and every day, I have completely transformed the world I live in and can honestly say I now know what true happiness and true contentment feels like.

(F***ing great actually - hence why I'm on a mission to get you there!)

So having come so far on my journey, finally finding a place of peace, and experiencing this all first-hand, I am now dedicated to inspiring, motivating and supporting others who are ready to make this change too.

I honestly believe that true health and happiness is the most beautiful thing a person can wear and I'm excited to see it happen.




please feel free to Join our team and share your journey with others doing the same <3




get in touch with me

If there's anything you'd like to ask simply hit the button below and I'll answer any of your questions. 

If you'd like to arrange a 15 minute call to find out about the services I offer or to discuss a retreat, drop me a message using the link below and I'll be in touch as soon as possible.

Jasmine x