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Hey I'm Jasmine,

and Soul'o is my holistic health project.


I’m a thai yoga massage therapist and passionate foodie, running retreats in some of Europes most beautiful regions, for individuals who need time, space and support and are ready to transform their next chapter.


I created Soul’o to be on online community that provides support, advice and encouragement; a space where you can retreat to when life gets a little too much.

No limits, no judgement, a safe space without stigma. 

The aim is for people to both give and recieve support - providing individuals with the opportunity to be heard, but allowing them to give back through the advice they hold through their own experiences.

I walked my journey of self-healing alone and it’s a tough job to do by yourself. I know first-hand how powerful it is just to know that someone’s feeling the same, so it became my mission to create a community that shares and shares alike.


This venture has since grown into running retreats, utilising beautiful spaces to bring likeminded souls together to further embrace the power of connection. 

Through my own experience with beating depression, my motto is now ‘eat what nourishes the body’, ‘think what nourishes the mind’ and ‘do what nourishes the soul!’ which is exactly what we do throughout the weeks we get together, pursuing the journey of self-development side by side.


In the treatments I offer, I combine massage with meditation and self-development strategies in order to help individuals overcome the physical, mental and emotional stress that can so often hold us back.

Through the work that I do, I have not only helped individuals with relieving physical tension from both the body and mind, but provided support and encouragement through emotional barriers that have kept people feeling stuck and constrained. 

My ultimate goal is to simply help as many people find the freedom they’re looking for, in order to live a life that truly nourishes their mind, body and soul.


We’re here for a good time, not a long time!