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hi I'm Jasmine,

I’m a thai yoga massage therapist and major foodie, running holistic healing retreats around the globe to bring likeminded souls together.

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I started out studying Fashion Marketing at Northumbria University in 2011, but after a short time in London working in the industry I soon began to realise I was made for something different. 

What was truly igniting me was the way I was helping people outside of my 9-5 work, I was being thanked for help I didn’t realise I was giving, and that was when I recognised my gift.

Then, while embarking on my own journey of self-healing after living in the depths of depression, I began making holistic lifestyle changes in the determination to become my own medicine.

As a huge part of my journey was fixing up my diet, I quickly became enthusiastic about finding ways to make ‘healthy’ taste better than junk. It became my greatest passion in bringing people together and I found myself taking great pleasure in educating others on the joy of healthy eating.

Throughout this time I also moved more, meditated and learnt lots about Buddhism and slowly began to realise the effect it was all having on my state of mental health.

I travelled Asia, Australia, Indonesia and Europe and on the return of my travels in 2016, I started up my wellbeing blog - Soulo.

Here I decided to open up to the world about what I’d been going through internally, and not only did this help me break the stigma of my story but I realised how important it is to talk. People resonated with me, trusted me and began sharing their stories and it was at this time that I decided to take my Level 2 in Counselling Skills.

Throughout this year, I also studied Thai Massage at the original Wat Po Medical and Massage School Bangkok, and started up my business in Lincolnshire. As well as traditional massage, I combined my treatments with meditation and holistic therapy, and in 2017 felt a strong call to bring all of this together in the form of retreats.

I’m now on a mission to bring as many likeminded souls together to experience the power of soul connection and holistic food & therapy.

See you there…